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cadernos de viagem: Work

cadernos de viagem

Six small guides, in the form of a photographic and ethnographic essay, made by a low budget tourist. This collection aims to map and document traditional Portuguese feasts and rituals. It is an exercise of visual ethnography, which condenses 8 years of research in a book, composed of the numbers: Entrudo, São João, São Gonçalo, São João, São Martinho, Cabra e Canhoto and Espírito Santo.

This work was thought as a portable book. In February 2019, 65 copies were printed, each consisting of 6 stapled A6 notebooks (105 x 148 mm) inside a carton box. Each collection is stamped and numbered. This a self-published project.


Brief description of each notebook:

Entrudo: collection of carnival masks and winter rituals | Podence, Lazarim, Vale de Ílhavo

São João: battle between Bugios and Mouriscos; theater play with carnival contours that lasts more than 10 hours and has more than 600 actors | Valongo

São Gonçalo: veneration of two giant heads and the launching of cakes from the top of a church | Gaia, Aveiro

São Martinho: a madman who built a chapel in the middle of nowhere. Only one person can fit inside | Miranda do Douro

Cabra e Canhoto: a giant bonfire and an infertile goat for dinner; a celebration of the beginning of winter, the day of the dead, paganism and Christianity | Vinhais

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cadernos de viagem: Work
cadernos viagem
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