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Luke Howard gave the clouds a name. To each shape.

Goethe began a diary that pointed to weather changes, following Howard's catalog. Could not be scientific enough, then the collection passed to poetry.


Herbarium is a catalog of digitized plants: weeds and fallen leaves. I do not know their names. But even so, I work has a botanic and in a daily exercise I collect, catalog and archive. In this initiation to the study of plants, I distort forms and invent names, associating each collection to a person or place.

The scanner appears to me at this moment as the tool of capture of reality with more resolution. The way the plants are swept by light suggests the distortion of their textures. They are parts of isolated ecosystems. They come from uprooted earthen boxes, surrounded by concrete.

This presents an eternally incomplete archive of common plants - a common herbarium.

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herbarium: Work
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